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Involving CPP+ MRS Applicant Group:


  • ATLAS LHC Experiment, CERN

    Luminosity monitors LUCID, and BCMs. Calibration fibre system, optical fibre readout, electronics.
  • DEAP – SnoLab

    Acrylic Vessel design and construction, light guide installation, electronics.
  • IceCube - South Pole Neutrino Observatory

    PINGU DAQ & Frontend electronics.
  • MoEDAL LHC experiment, CERN

    Design, construction of overall detector, calibration of NTD plastic.
  • PICASSO, SnoLab

  • SHMS, Jefferson Laboratory, Virginia

    Design of heavy gas Cerenkov detector.
  • SNO+, SnoLab

    Rope buoyancy control system, internal sanding machine, electronics.
  • TRIUMF-ARIEL project. (Accelerator Physics)

    Engineering design of ARIEL Cryogenic modules.


Not Involving CPP+ MRS Applicants


T2K Kamioka Facility Japan

Optical Transition Radiation beam monitoring system.