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The UofA Physics Department electronics shop manpower comprises one electronics engineer and 3 electronics techs one of which is employed under our MRS grant. MENTOR Inc. has provided our electronics shop state-of-the-art software for electronics CAD/simulation and multi-layer board, ASIC + FPGA design. Our shop also has licenses for XILINX & ALTERA FPGA design tools and the Modelsim HDL simulator tool. Our collaboration with the Canadian Microelectronics Centre (CMC) provides us with access to CADANCE ASIC design tools along with other simulation tools. The Electronics Shop has an up-to-date logic analyzer and three fast digital scopes and a recently purchased ultrafast (6GHz) digital scope.


Figure 1 A number of electronics work areas in the Physics Department electronics shop new CCIS building at the University of Alberta.


Figure 2 The pick and place facility for surface mount components.


Figure 3 An electronics technician work on the CADENCE electronics CAD system.


Figure 4 The CPP+ electronics shop has up to date electronic test equipment for example this 4 GHz digital scope.


Figure 5 Additional electronics shop facilities including an oven for surface mount boards and refrigeration units for storing germanium detectors, etc.