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The CPP+ MRS facility has built up state-of-the-art facilities for building and testing detectors with low intrinsic radiation contamination from such radioactive elements such as radon and also measuring very low levels of radioactive contamination in existing detectors and materials. All of these resources were built, assembled and installed with CFI resources.

The Radon Reduced Laboratory - a unique facility - utilizes a charcoal adsorption system, a radon monitoring and measurement system, an hermetically sealed radon-impermeable laboratory, an internal dust free clean room, and a set of precision computer controlled machine tools and laboratory apparatus that has been certified radon-emitter free.

There are two facilities for measuring very low backgrounds: the Low Background Counting Facility and BetaCage.


Figure 1 The main clean room of the Reduced Radiation Laboratory with the precision computer controlled machine tools.


Figure 2 The filter system for removing Radon and dust from the air in the Radiation Reduced Laboratory.


Figure 3 The Germanium Counter assembly in the Low Background Counting Facility.


Figure 4 The Radon Counting system in the Low Background Counting Facility