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Opened in September 2011, the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) now houses the CPP+ MRS Facility. The first centre of its kind in Canada - and one of just a handful around the world - CCIS represents an interdisciplinary approach to scientific discovery that facilitates a cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques. Established scientists interact with a new generation of world-class researchers and outstanding students, sharing sophisticated tools and state-of-the-art facilities. CCIS serves as the educational home for the scientific, business and community leaders of tomorrow, position them at the interface between traditional disciplines and paving the road to innovation and discovery. With laboratory space for 104 principal investigators and another 2,200 seats in lecture halls, CCIS serves as a crossroads between teaching and research on campus. This unprecedented learning experience attracts and retains outstanding students and world class teaching and research talent from Alberta, Canada and across the globe. State of the art equipment, facilities and the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary environment attracts world- renowned researcher and instructors to the Faculty of Science. In addition to the Department of Physics and the CPP+ MRS Facility, CCIS houses multiple specialized institutes and centres including the School of Energy and the Environment, the Institute for Integrated Landscape Management, the Institute for Land Use Innovation, the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, the University of Alberta Centre for Earth Observation Sciences, the Alberta Cooperative Conservation Research Institute, the Biogeochemical Analytical Laboratory, and the Low-Level Mercury Analytical Laboratory.


Figure 1 The new CCIS Building as seen from the main Quad of the University of Alberta


Figure 2 A vertical slice through CCIS. The two extensive subtarranean floors house the CPP+ MRS Facilities and Physics Department workshops and laboratories.


Figure 3 The offices and smaller laboratories are housed on the 5 floors above group. The Faculty of Science administrative offices occupy the 6th floor.