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The X-Ray Accelerator Laboratory can be used to perform radiation hardness testing of electronics but other applications are possible. The machine consists of a constant potential 320 kV X-ray accelerator. The voltage is variable in 2 kV increments and the tube current in 0.2 mA increments over a range of 1 to 20 mA. The source has been calibrated with an ion chamber. A UV spectrometer is available for Fricke dosimetry.

CPP+ also has a up-to-date radiation Laboratory equipped with a fume hood rated for radiation work and a special ventilation system. All of the extensive stock of isotopes owned by CPP+ and the Physics Department are stored, ready for use, in this area. The Physics Department/CPP+ is also approved to receive irradiated materials from a number of laboratories including CERN and TRIUMF.

Figure 1 The X-ray generator with maximum energy of 320 kV


Figure 2 The vestibule to the lead lined room housing the X-ray Accelerator Laboratory


Figure 3 The main room of the CPP+ radiation laboratory