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Mircea Cadabeschi (CPP+ MRS engineer - based at the UofT) - is a registered engineer with over fifteen years of experience in particle physics project. He has experience with big project design and construction and is expert in computer aided mechanical design and finite element analysis. His main contributions over the past ten years include:

  • Lead engineer on the ATLAS forward calorimeter construction and installation
  • The mechanical support design and installation of the ATLAS Beam Condition Monitor
  • Designer and construction supervisor of the cryogenic drag chains for ATLAS
  • Chief Canadian engineer on the construction of the T2K high intensity beam monitor
  • Playing a leading role in the engineering aspects of the ATLAS upgrade work
  • Taking a leading role in superconducting RF (SRF) work on the Toronto contribution to the TRIUMF-ARIEL accelerator project
  • Mechanical design of the diamond detector upgrade of the ATLAS Beam Condition Monitors.