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Paul Davies (CPP+ MRS electronics technician based at the UofA) has had over six years of experience as an electronics technician with additional experience in detector design with GEANT3/4 and high-level trigger software. He has extensive experience with davnaced electronic CAD design as well as software simulation of electronics. In addition he has extensive knowledge of hardware and software DAQ systems. His main contributions over the past ten years include, the:

  • Design and testing of preamplifiers, signal shaping electronics and HV for DEAP
  • Design and testing of the DAQ (including FPGA based DAQ electronics) for SNO+
  • Design of the switching power supplies for the SNO+ underwater camera system
  • Design and production of the electronics for the SNO+ underwater camera system
  • Design, construction and testing of the temperature control system of PICASSO
  • Design and construction of the electronic calibration system for PICASSO
  • Co-design of a HPTDC board and high precision CFD system for the LUCID & AFP upgrades